The Formula

The Engaged Project Formula

It started as a whimsical request from The Engaged Project brand designer asking what the elements were in the The Engaged Project's formula. We took that question literally, and created a formula for our Root Density Theory - deeper individual engagement in community equals greater organizational success. Though the formula may look a bit intimidating, the variables are just elements we were having fun with in putting the branding together. The elements of the equation are as follows:

Absolute value of you.

Absolute Value of You.

Flaws and all, there's a value to your contribution to the community experience that will determine how rooted you become.


i equals one.png

The Individual

You can try to take shortcuts, but true engagement can ONLY happen at the individual level. All other types of engagement are proximations.

Half of What You See

Half connecting community, half cultivating culture

Connection is the primary objective and when there is the object to connect to, which we call "culture" here, then the focus can remain on connecting. When the culture is lacking in presence or strength, The Engaged Project creates the space and opportunity for those connections to take hold.

Reggie and Kate.png

Reggie Rucker and Kate Trompetter

Though not officially partners, this is a shared vision of which Kate Trompetter frequently executes projects on her own accord, and we are blessed to have her alongside us as a collaborator on our journey.

minus negative u.png

Minus Negative You

The degree to which we can remove the negative feelings about this community within individuals is the degree to which we will have success in increasing the strength of connection to the community.

zero f's.png

No Fear

We cleaned it up for the general public, but the point remains - this is a reminder to leave behind your concerns. Leave behind your fear of missing out, or fear of failure, or whatever other fears are getting in the way of engaging in and embracing community. Let go of them all, and just be, here.