Clients & Services

Reggie Rucker and Kate Trompetter Leading Breakfast Club Discussion

Human Resource Departments


Community Recruitment

  • Guided Tours
  • Special Events
  • Intinerary Planning

In talking with employers all across the region, we constantly hear the harder sell is usually the move to the city, and not the move to the company. Recruiters need to convince prospects that not only is their company a great place to work, but where they're located is a great place to live. Our connectivity to this community in a real way that is particularly relevant for adults in their 20s - 40s uniquely position us to help you answer the question "Why Modesto?"


Community Retention

  • Employee Community Profiles
  • Community Matchmaking*
  • Special Events

The job is only just beginning once you've moved a new recruit to the community. Without a strategic plan for connecting that new hire to the community, the flight risk remains an uncomfortable unknown that costs HR departments millions of dollars annually in lost productivity and recruiting and training costs for replacements where a retention effort could be successfully executed at a fraction of the investment.   


Community Relations Departments


Market Entry

  • Introductions and Meeting Facilitation
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Special Events

Just like individuals that are new to the community will find more sustainable success and joy by establishing relationships with relevant community members and organizations, the same is true for businesses new to the area. Let us connect you to the Modesto community such that you are welcomed and supported from day one.

repositioning in Community

  • Introductions and Meeting Facilitation
  • Focus Groups and Individual Interviews
  • Special Events

Even those that have operated in and around Modesto for years can lose touch with the pulse of the community over time. The day-to-day hustle is a grind, and sometimes you can forget to look up and really pay attention to what is happening to the world around you. When you feel like the environment in which you're operating has changed and you're offering needs to change with it, let us help you do so in a way that brings the community alongside with you. 

Marketing Departments


Local Audience Diversification

  • Focus Groups and Individual Interviews
  • Programming and Messaging Consultation
  • Special Events
  • Community Matchmaking

Since we first began fielding inquiries as Engaged by Reggie Rucker back in 2012, while all of our clients were specifically asking for social media assistance, what most were really after was the elusive millennial generation. First on Facebook, then on Twitter, then on Foursquare, then not on Foursquare, then on Instagram, then... And while the platforms evolve and audiences age and preferred channels shift, one thing that remains is that it takes more than "showing and telling" your offering to diversify your audience. It takes bringing the audience into the process so they feel a part of the production and not just a spectator of it. It takes creating a true connection between the audience and the "stage" so that the distance between becomes smaller and more blurred. Our experience in this space and connectivity to these audiences, and more importantly our sincere desire to empathize with them, is what allows us to confidently execute our approach to audience diversification.


*Community Matchmaking is the process of facilitating introductions. Introductions can be either to other people, or places and things that one would benefit from being connected to. It can be as simple as connecting people via Email, or setting up one-to-one or small group gatherings/meetings, or producing elaborate events in which people are to connect.