Connecting to the market. Rooting to the community.

Modesto Breakfast Club

Modesto Breakfast Club

When people are rooted, businesses flourish and communities thrive. Employees are less likely to leave, residents are more likely to engage, and transformation can occur. The Engaged Project works to connect Modestans – by work or by residence –  to the people, places and things that make this community glorious to reduce turnover for area employers and develop new markets for business expansion and civic-engagement in the community.


Who Hires The Engaged Project?

  • HR Departments to root their young workforce to the community.

  • Organizations to establish roots and build relationships in the community.

  • Organizations, businesses, and brands to strengthen connections with a younger and more diverse audience.

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What's the Formula?

It's only fitting being from an agriculturally rich region that we've derived our own Root Density Theory – deeper individual engagement in community equals greater organizational success. Part changing attitudes, part cultivating cultures, and part individual ingenuity, The Engaged Project is the art and science of community engagement.

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It's easy to take for granted how they got here. That all-star employee who changed the trajectory of your organization.  That unicorn talent that urban legend says doesn't exist here, but you were lucky enough to find.  There is a common denominator that reveals itself time and time again if you listen.  These are the stories of the engaged.

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Special Projects of The Engaged pROJECT

Modesto Breakfast Club

Modesto Breakfast Club

A gathering of the new generation of civic-minded Modestans to build relationship and community.

How might we build relationships between people, organizations, and communities beyond the transactional?
— Reggie Rucker
Café Guerbois

Café Guerbois

Inspired by a Soul Pancake Web series, we invite strangers to meet someone new by revealing the story they've created about them based entirely on first impressions.

Modesto Fashion Week

Modesto Fashion Week

From a desire to develop a greater sense of pride in place by renewing a sense of pride in appearance, Dressed 209 was born paving the way for Modesto Fashion Week.